Conviviality and technology go hand in hand

Welcome to Sjef, where we are committed to creating a great consumer experience. At Sjef, we believe in engagement and conviviality, and we are constantly looking for innovative ways to use technology to give our customers the best experience possible.

Whether organizing events or developing new technologies, we are always improving our services.

Our focus is always on providing a great consumer experience, and we are proud of the positive feedback we receive from our customers. At Sjef, we are more than just a platform - we are a community focused on creating a great experience for our customers.

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Sjef expands big with new features and markets in Europe.


Sjef is established as a pioneering event payment solution with the Turbo POS.


Expansion into locker sales in the event industry with a unique electronic locking system.


Entropt was founded, a full-service staffing agency for events and hospitality.

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Dare to discover

We encourage every day to think differently toward innovation and solutions.

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Powerful relationships

We are decisive, dare to be vulnerable and are committed to transparency. This is how we build valuable relationships.

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We travel with you in your thoughts. This is how we effortlessly achieve creation and success.

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Can-do mindset

We have a tech heart, approach challenges with optimism and extend this to the world around us.

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Communicating Connectively

We connect, create and communicate with the outside world and do not hide behind the mail.

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Discover our vacancies and join the team at Sjef in Amsterdam.

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