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Experience the power of ordering and payment with Sjef and set the tone for the ultimate customer experience.

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Every customer journey is unique.
We take that into account.

Someone touches the order screen


The optimal workflow for cashless events & festivals, from selling to managing and analyzing.

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Exceed guest & staff experience with a fast and user-friendly ordering & payment platform.

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Smooth payment processes for hospitality, events and venues. Offer diverse payment options with Sjef Payments and focus on what really matters.

Accept any form of payment

Through one integration, accept all debit and credit cards in the world, including all (foreign) credit cards and smartphone payments both online and in-store.

An unparalleled payment experience for the visitor

Volledig cashless betalen met de payment oplossingen van Sjef. Richt het betalingsproces volledig in op jouw manier.

Discover Payments

Open loop payments

Making everyone pay

Offer the ability to pay by credit or debit card, including contactless NFC and payments via
Internet, such as e-commerce.

Closed loop payments

Create your own means of payment

Receive payments with a digital wallet, personalized card or wristband. Easy to charge and refundable.

Hybrid payments

Complete freedom

Give all the freedom with cashless payments. Combine closed loop and open loop payments for everyone.

Hardware for every situation

Start receiving payments within 24 hours. Apply for an account, select hardware and run independently.

Discover all hardware
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Turbo Mobile POS


Compact, durable and a mobile all-in-one Android device

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Turbo Mobile POS


All-in-1 Android device with printing capability.

642c311c7a71a84faa32a3b6 AMS1 p 500 - Home

Turbo Mobile POS


Control all operations from one device.

642c311d972f2b3182fa555c P400 PLUS p 500 - Home


P400 plus

Premium design, many functions and extremely reliable,

642c311d0a102a40350209fc V400c PLUS p 500 - Home


V400c PLUS

Standalone terminal including printing capability.

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Pocket-size and mobile, for personal shopping.

642c311c3972afb4fa13f5bb S1E p 500 1 - Home



Portable, excellent printing speed and many connections possible.