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We believe in creating a welcoming workplace where employees are given the freedom to think along. All while working on a progressive tech product for the future.

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Cozy atmosphere

Our team knows how to fuel success. We are passionate, hardworking and always supportive of each other. No matter the task - from drinks to energetic conversations - we bring our dedication to every step.

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The ultimate freedom

Make your mark on the world by showing what you can do for our company. Your talent knows no bounds, let's see how far we can go together.

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The world of tomorrow

Let's create and inspire together. This is your chance to join an inspiring tech company working on amazing solutions.

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Work hard, Ride hard with your own Vanmoof bike (or opt for travel reimbursement).

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Get in shape without leaving the office with our own in-office gym.

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Free access to Open Up psychologist for your physical and mental health.

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Cruising through the Amsterdam canals with our Sjef boat.

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Cuddling with the sweetest office dog of all.

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Enjoy delicious, healthy lunch every day.

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Get ready for Friday afternoon drinks and work outings.

Payment Director. 29 years

Meet Joey

How did you come to join Sjef?

For the past 3.5 years, I have been part of elockers/Sjef's incredible journey. From my start in sales to holding customer success positions.

What makes Sjef so much fun?

With Sjef, the sky really is the limit. From the day I joined Sjef, my professional journey began. With a young and energetic team, we are able to make strides in selling a progressive product that really works.

Why would you recommend others to work here?

You will work at Sjef in a pioneering fintech organization, and they really value your opinion. Plus, you'll work with a great team in a fun atmosphere - what more could you want?

Where do you see Sjef in 5 years?

I think we are going full steam ahead. The company will have grown on an international scale with multiple offices. We will also have become the largest hospitality & events platform in the Netherlands.

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