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Improve operational efficiency and maximize revenue with our customized solutions designed for all types of events.

Festival and Events

Building together for shorter wait times

Avoid long queues and allow visitors to enjoy 100% by choosing multiple points of contact. Ensure smooth payments by accepting all forms, including wallet sharing.

  • Specially designed for festival & events
  • Manage multiple locations in one dashboard
  • Receive registration of cup deposits
POS for Festivals and Events


Simple system for sporting events

Effortlessly manage payment processes with a complete sports event solution. Integrate multiple outlets and manage as one.

  • Choose the form of payments or or take all forms
  • Anytime, anywhere real-time insight for sports clubs
  • Reach more visitors with multiple outlets
POS for Sports


Centrally manage payment processes scholarship wide

Offer a private account and easy setup for every vendor during the show. Manage all resellers and items from one place and get real-time insight into all results anytime, anywhere.

  • Easy to use for all exhibitors & booths
  • Maximum convenience for visitor with various payment options
  • Work centrally, have salespeople log into the Shef dashboard
POS for trade shows


A POS solution for corporate events

Give resellers their own login credentials to access a secure dashboard and get real-time insights into results. Process transactions quickly with Shef Payments and accept payment cards or wristbands via closed-loop payments.

  • Manage terminals, locations and vendors from a single dashboard
  • Get real-time insight into results
  • Faster and more accurate post-event reconciliation
POS for Business