Privacy policy

Article 1 - Definitions.

The following definitions are used in this privacy policy: the user of this privacy policy: the private company with limited
liability B.V., located at Basisweg 59A, 1043 AN Amsterdam, registered
Chamber of Commerce under Chamber of Commerce number 78331412;
data subject: the natural person who (on behalf of a company) has entered into an agreement with, or the natural person who (on behalf of a company) has contacted in connection with the conclusion and/or implementation of the agreement or the natural person
who (on behalf of a company) visits the website;
Agreement: the agreement between and the data subject whereby the data subject uses the service
makes use of the service offered by;
website: the website and the associated mobile applications which is managed by
profiling: the processing of personal data in which, on the basis of personal data
certain personal aspects of the data subjects are evaluated with the aim of his
personal preferences, interests, online search behavior, location to be analyzed or predicted;
personal data: data by which a natural person can be identified.

Article 2 - Personal data

‍For, careful handling of personal data is of great importance. With respect to
processing of personal data acts in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. handles personal data with care and treats them confidentially. collects personal data from the data subject when the person concerned
personal data via the website to provided or when the data subject visits the website or by telephone or e-mail.
visits or has contacted by telephone or e-mail. collects and
processes the following personal data:

a. first and last name;
b. residential address;
c. zip code;
d. telephone number;
e. e-mail address;
f. IP address;
g. browsing habits;
h. location data. does not process any special personal data of data subjects. The website and/or service
does not intend to collect data about data subjects under 16 years of age. Unless they
have permission from parents or guardian. can not check whether a data subject
is older than 16. therefore advises parents to be involved in the online activities of
their children, in order to avoid collecting data about children without
parental consent. If the data subject is convinced that, without such consent, has
collected personal data about a minor without such consent, the data subject should contact using the contact details included in article 12.1 and then will terminate the
processing and delete the personal data.

Article 3 - Basis and purposes of processing.

‍The basis of the processing of personal data is the performance of the contract or,
at the request of the data subject, the taking of pre-contractual measures. In the case of profiling
is the consent of the data subject. collects and processes personal data for
the following purposes:

a. addressing a question and/or comment from the data subject;
b. making an offer;
c. to conclude the agreement;
d. to be able to contact the person concerned in connection with the execution of the agreement;
e. to fulfill administrative duties;
f. to offer the data subject personalized advertisements and content (profiling), see also
Article 4;
f. to send a newsletter to the data subject, if he/she has given his/her consent, see also
also article 5;
g. to improve the website and services of;
h. to generate general statistics about the use of the website. The provision of the
name, address, telephone number and of the e-mail address of the data subject is a contractual
obligation. Without the name, address, telephone number and e-mail address, no agreement can be established. will store personal data no longer than is strictly necessary to fulfill the purposes
as described in Article 3.2, for which the personal data are processed. only processes the personal data that are minimally necessary for the existing purposes.
existing purposes. strives to minimize data will not
personal data not process for purposes other than those described above.

Article 4 - Profiling

Profiling is performed only if the data subject has given permission to to do so.
granted. This consent may be withdrawn by the data subject at any time. The purpose of
profiling is:
a. to show the data subject on the website advertisements or other content which suspects
that the content of the advertisement or content is in accordance with the interests of the
data subject;
b. marketing analyses;
Profiling can take place through a combination of the data provided by the data subject when
account creation and from data derived from various cookies.
For profiling purposes, the following data may be processed by

a. gender;
b. age;
c. location data;
d. searches entered on the website;
e. browsing behavior.

Article 5 - Newsletters

‍Newsletters will only be sent to the data subject if the data subject has provided
explicit unambiguous consent has been given to The data subject may unsubscribe
unsubscribe from newsletters at any time, see article will not approach the data subject for direct
marketing purposes if the data subject has not given permission for this.

Article 6 - Unsubscribing to newsletters

The data subject may unsubscribe from newsletters in the following ways:
a. by clicking on the link in the email containing the newsletter that allows the
data subject can unsubscribe from such newsletters;
b. by contacting, see article 12.1 for contact details. In each
newsletter sent to the data subject will include a link whereby the data subject can unsubscribe
data subject can unsubscribe from the newsletters.

Article 7 - Leadinfo

We use the lead generation service of Leadinfo B.V., Rotterdam, Netherlands. The tool
recognizes company visits to our website based on IP addresses and shows us publicly
available information, such as company names or addresses. In addition, Leadinfo places two first-party
cookies, to evaluate user behavior on our website and the tool processes domains from
form entries (e.g., "") to correlate IP addresses with companies and improve services
improve. More information is available at On this
page: you have an opt-out option. When you opt out, your
data are no longer recorded by Leadinfo.

Article 8 - Deletion of personal data

‍ will delete personal data from its systems without unreasonable delay among others.
a. the personal data are no longer necessary for the purposes for which they were processed;
b. the data subject objects to the processing of their personal data and such objection is
is justified;
c. the personal data are incorrect or out of is not obliged to delete personal data
deleted if there is one of the situations described in the law where the "right to
oblivion" does not apply.

Article 9 - Provision of personal data to third parties

‍ will not provide the personal data of the data subject to third parties until:
a. has obtained the data subject's express prior consent to do so;
b. one of the legal bases applies on which the provision of
personal data to a third party is permitted;
c. it is necessary for the performance of the agreement;
d. the transfer is made to a by for the purposes listed in this privacy policy.
processor with whom has concluded an agreement that the processor provides adequate safeguards.
ensures that the processor provides sufficient guarantees in terms of technical and organizational
security measures with respect to the processing to be performed. The data subject can cancel his
consent to provide personal data to third parties at any time.

Article 10 - Right of inspection, right of portability, rectification and deletion

‍On request, shall provide the data subject with access to all personal data that keeps of
him and shall provide the data subject free of charge with a copy of this data in a
such form so that the data subject himself can provide the personal data to a third party. offers the person concerned the possibility of providing, free of charge, any incorrect data
that keeps of him to have corrected or deleted. The request for access,
amendment or deletion of data can be made in writing or by e-mail to,
see article 12.1 for the contact details of will respond as soon as possible to such a
such a request and in any case within 4 weeks.

Article 11 - Objection

‍The data subject may object to the processing of his personal data to
if he has good reason to do so in view of his specific situation. After has received the
objection from the data subject, will stop processing the
personal data of the data subject, unless in the processing of personal data
has legitimate interests that outweigh the interest of the data subject.

Article 12 - Right of limitation

If a request has been made by the data subject regarding the amendment, supplementation or deletion of
personal data or an objection has been made regarding the processing of his/her personal data
and the handling, processing and execution of this request or objection takes some time, then the data subject may request to restrict the processing of his personal data.

Article 13 - Contact

For questions about the way processes personal data, withdrawing a
consent regarding the processing of personal data, access to personal data that
of the data subject, request for a copy of his personal data, request for
amendment or deletion of his personal data, the request to restrict the processing
of his personal data or to object to the processing of his
personal data, the data subject may, using the contact details below, contact

‍Contact details:
‍ B.V.
Address: Basisweg 59A
1043 AN Amsterdam
+31 (0) 20 244 2820

If, at the request of the data subject, corrects personal data of the data subject,
supplements or deletes or terminates or restricts the processing of personal data or a
revoked consent, then shall notify the data subject.

Article 14 - Storage of data

We process your data within the European Economic Area (EEA). This means that we also
store your data within the EEA. In some cases, your personal data is processed outside the EEA.
processed. Unfortunately, the rules in those countries do not always offer the same protection of
personal data as in the Netherlands. We have therefore ensured that your personal data
protected as well as here. We have done this by making agreements
with those who handle your data outside the EEA. This keeps your data safe. If you have
questions about this, please feel free to contact us.

‍Article 15 - Security measures

‍To prevent unauthorized access of personal data, loss, theft and unauthorized use of
personal data, has implemented various security measures,
including measures against unauthorized access, use, alteration, unlawful and
unintentional destruction and unintentional loss of the personal data. Data provided through the
website to is encrypted. uses an HTTPS

Article 16 - Third party privacy policies

‍This privacy policy does not apply to third-party websites, which are linked to the
website. does not accept any responsibility or liability
regarding the way these websites handle personal data. For more
information about how these third parties deal with personal data, etc., the privacy policy of the website should be consulted.
privacy policy of the website concerned should be consulted.

Article 17 - Changes

‍} reserves the right to make unilateral changes to this privacy policy. At
the website is the latest version of's privacy policy.

Article 18 - Data breach

If a security incident occurs at in which personal data of a sensitive nature
sensitive nature are leaked or for any other reason there is a serious adverse effect will, if possible,
within 72 hours after discovery of the data breach report to the Authority for Personal Data and
act in accordance with the Beleidsregels Meldplicht datalekken van de Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens.
If there is a data breach at that adversely affects the personal
privacy of the data subject, then shall notify the data subject without delay.

Article 19 - Cookies uses functional, analytical and tracking cookies. A cookie is a small text file
that is stored in the browser of the device of the person on the first visit to the website.
person concerned. only places tracking cookies if the data subject has given permission for the cookie prior to the
visit to the website has given permission to place tracking cookies. Before
the data subject has given permission for tracking cookies, only functional and
analytical cookies will be placed that do not affect the privacy of the data subject.
The data subject can opt out of cookies by setting their Internet browser in such a way
that it no longer stores cookies. In addition, the data subject can also remove all information that has
previously stored via the settings of his browser. More information on how to
Enabling, disabling and deleting cookies can be found in the instructions and/or
with the help function of his browser. Functional cookies are necessary for the
correct functioning of a website. When the person concerned removes functional cookies, then
may affect the proper functioning of the website and it is possible that cannot provide its service or cannot provide it properly.
Functional cookies ensure that the website functions properly. These cookies are
for example, used so that the data subject can log in to the website. Functional cookies allow
the website to recognize the data subject when the data subject visits the website again. This is useful
so that the data subject does not have to log in to the website every time they visit it again.
website visit.
For the use of Google Analytics (Analytical cookie).

Through the use of analytical cookies, can see how the data subject uses the website
use and can on that basis improve the website. Analytical cookies are not
shared with third parties, are not used by third parties and are not linked to the name or
the email address of the data subject. has set Google Analytics in such a way
that visitors to the website remain anonymous.

Article 20 - Filing a complaint

‍If the data subject believes that the processing of personal data by is not in
accordance with this privacy policy and / or applicable laws and regulations, then
the data subject may lodge a complaint with the Personal Data Authority.