A POS developed for events

The Sjef POS system simplifies and speeds up your visitors' payment experience. Innovation focused on events, developed to make life easy for staff and visitors.

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Someone touches the order screen

The POS system for a more successful event. Fully customizable, clear, with minimal operations.

01 Lightning-fast startup

Mastered within 5 minutes

In 5 minutes, train the finer points of the POS, control the freedom of movement and let staff start taking orders confidently.

02 Simple layout

Clear, with minimal operations

Choose a digital environment that suits your location with a table or quickservice layout. The simple layout and extensively tested interface makes wrong turns almost impossible.

03 Prevent fraud

Safe handling by LED function

Staff no longer need to read whether a transaction is successful. Show successful transactions by a colored ring around the POS and give away fewer products.

04 Working offline

Cash registers always open, even during outage

Continue selling during an Internet outage and avoid lost sales and dissatisfied visitors. Transactions are stored and continued when a new connection is established.

05 Flexible payment

Work hybrid on any device

Receive both open loop and closed loop payments. Give visitors freedom of movement to pay with both a bank card and a digital wallet.

06 Perfecting routing

Determine routing of order

Receive orders in the bar or kitchen screen from your cash register, ordering site, QR code and order column or send directly through a receipt printer.

07 Deposits and tips

The perks no one thinks about

Easily collect deposits to comply with legislation and give staff the appreciation they deserve, fully digital.

Low transaction costs

Use Shef Payments with low transaction fees and manage everything in one place. A unique that accepts any form of payment.

24/7 support

Events are there day in, day out. Sjef support is available 24/7 and answers all your questions and challenges at any time of the day.


Deploy your hardware flexibly with an all-in-one solution. Use POS systems with an integrated printer and ATM.

Live in 24 hours

Start quickly? Within 24 hours, we can have everything set up and you can start receiving payments.

Turbo POS

Software and hardware completely developed for working offline. Select, sell and process first orders within seconds.

  • Make 10% more sales per terminal
  • Use up to 10-12 hours on one battery
  • Easily manage & track coin turnover and deposits
Someone pays with their debit card at a POS system

Mobile POS

Better & faster than any other mobile POS on the market. Collect orders, deliver in no time and increase productivity.

  • Both fixed and portable Turbo ordering & payment systems
  • Uncompromising payment system for all payment methods

Where software is supported by the best hardware

Start receiving payments within 24 hours. Apply for an account, select hardware and run independently.

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Turbo Mobile POS


All-in-1 Android device with printing capability.


Turbo Mobile POS


Compact, durable and a mobile all-in-one Android device


Point of Sale 15 inch


Digital POS system, easy to use.


Accept any form of payment

Through one integration, accept all debit and credit cards in the world, including all (foreign) credit cards and smartphone payments both online and in-store.

What are the benefits of a cloud-based system?

A cloud-based system is a flexible system that is available at all times on any device. You always have insight into what is happening in your business. All data is stored in a secure database.

Can I use my own hardware?

Choose which devices you want to use Sjef on. IOS, Android or Windows. Sjef can also be linked to a few types of receipt printers. You can find these in our hardware overview.

What are the charges for QR ordering?

Only when an order or bill is paid will a transaction fee be charged. Payment fees are passed on to the guest. This depends on the payment method (iDeal or Credit Card) used. If you want to take care of the transaction costs yourself, you can let us set this up.

What are the upfront costs?

The initial cost for Sjef varies and depends on your specific needs. Sjef's office environment is designed to be as user-friendly as possible so that you can complete it yourself in combination with our online helpdesk. Should you still want to outsource this to us, this is possible for a fee. Furthermore, we can also provide on-site installation, for which a fee will be charged.

What payment methods are accepted?

This is entirely up to you. All the payment methods you want to accept can be enabled and disabled by yourself in your account.

We are a small event, is the system suitable for us?

Of course, smaller events use our system as well. You want to give your visitors the perfect experience, and in doing so, it doesn't matter if you're a small or large event.

What if the Internet connection goes down?

Of course, that would be very annoying but that chance is quite small. Fortunately, our system can also work offline! We will gladly explain all options to you during an on-site demonstration.

If we use coins, how will deposits be managed?

Sjef's system uses automatic recognition to accurately track and trace both incoming and outgoing coins, including at the deposit level such as cans, cups and bottles.