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Business types

Discover our solutions for your hospitality business

Optimize your operations and maximize your sales with our customized solutions designed specifically for various hospitality venues.


Transform the dining experience in your restaurant

Achieve excellence in service and operations with flexible terminals and real-time visibility into purchasing and sales. Discover the power of automated sell-out notifications, instantly customizable menus and in-depth analysis of sales figures and margins.

  • Seamlessly manage fixed and mobile terminals for maximum flexibility
  • Track purchasing down to the ingredient level with automatic sell-out notifications
  • Adjust menus in real time based on need or inventory
  • Keep control of multiple locations from one central dashboard
  • Experience 100% transparency in your accounting with integrations with Exact, among others
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Coffee Bar

Streamline service in your coffee shop

Get more out of every workday with our flexible terminals and real-time insights into your purchasing and sales. Increase your efficiency with on-the-spot menu adjustments, in-depth sales and margin analysis, and improve throughput with QR ordering.

  • Flexibility and convenience with our fixed and mobile terminals
  • Customize your menu in real time and respond to the demand of the moment
  • Discover your top sellers and highest margins with detailed sales analytics
  • Manage multiple locations from one convenient dashboard
  • Improve throughput and guest satisfaction with QR pre-ordering
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Cafe & bar

Seamless ordering and payment processes for café and bar

Offer an unparalleled experience in your bar or café with our super fast and convenient terminals, indoors or out. Easily customize your menu, combine different modes in one dashboard and benefit from a system that fits perfectly across multiple venues.

  • Deliver fast service with our super-fast, fixed and mobile terminals
  • Offer flexibility with table mode for indoor and outdoor use
  • Unify various ordering environments in one dashboard
  • Easily customize your menu in real time to the needs of your guests
  • Manage multiple locations from one convenient dashboard
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Club & disco

Make the night unforgettable with seamless payments

Provide the ultimate nightclub experience with Turbo POS, the super-fast ordering and payment system. Benefit from real-time data insights, seamless integrations with ticketing and elocker systems and a user-friendly interface, even when the Internet goes down.

  • Fast and clear transactions thanks to our super-fast terminals with LED edge
  • Seamless integration with elockers and ticketing systems in one dashboard
  • Stay businesses, even offline, for maximum uptime
  • User-friendly interface for easy and efficient operation
  • Scale up or down flexibly based on your number of visitors
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Offer fans the ultimate stadium experience

Enrich your fans' experience with real-time insights, fast service and seamless integrations. Whether you're dealing with VIP areas, skyboxes or regular bars, our system is designed to work smoothly in all your stadium environments.

  • Real-time insights, down to the terminal level, for complete control
  • Super fast service thanks to our efficient terminals with LED edge
  • Seamless integration with ticketing systems and a proprietary branded web shop
  • Flexible scaling up and down of terminals during fluctuating crowds
  • Improve flow with QR codes for pre-orders
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Sports Canteen

Let sports fans enjoy efficient service

Transform your sports canteen into a venue where players and visitors can easily place and pay for their orders. Ensure smooth payments and let visitors enjoy their sporting event to the maximum.

  • Real-time visibility into orders and sales for optimal management
  • Accelerated service thanks to intuitive and user-friendly terminals
  • Flexible up and down scaling for peak and quiet times
  • Easy integration with existing systems for seamless operations
  • Offers visitors the ability to pre-order via QR codes for smoother flow
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Improve the guest experience in your hotel restaurant

Provide an unforgettable guest experience at the hotel restaurant with our integrated ordering and payment system. Effortlessly customize your services per location, go contactless and integrate seamlessly with other systems.

  • Flexible and quick to set up for any type of hotel, from boutique to chain
  • Keep track and control with room billing integrations
  • Offers multiple payment options for guest convenience
  • Support for room service and personalized menus
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