Real-time insight into coin sales with coin registration

At Sjef, we believe cashless is the future. Yet we understand that coins are still an important part of your event.

‍This is why our token package offers an innovative solution to digitally record consumption tokens. With real-time insight into token sales and usage, you can make an impact, capitalize on visitor trends and avoid human error.

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Muntregistratie met consumptiemunten - Muntenregistratie
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With or without coin registration?

Let's put it in perspective...

Without coin registration

Lack of control and insight.

Miss crucial information to make informed decisions.

Risk of deficits and surpluses.

Unnecessary inventory shortages or surpluses.

Missed opportunities for improvement.

Miss the opportunity to tailor your offerings to the visitor's needs.

Increased risk of fraud.

Without coin registration, you are more vulnerable to fraud and theft.

Time-consuming financial administration.

A time-consuming financial wrap-up due to manual counts.

With coin registration

Real-time insight into coin sales.

Real-time insight into average spend per visitor and redemptions.

More efficient inventory management.

Optimize logistics by understanding coin usage and products.

Better visitor experience.

Understand the needs and preferences of your visitors.

Fraud Prevention.

Prevent fraud and loss by recording coin sales.

Faster financial processing.

Save time and effort by recording coin turnover.

Sjef Token Package transforms coin sales for events. Get real-time visibility into token sales and expenses and optimize cash flow.

01 Real-time insight

Always insight into coin sales

With the AMS1 token registration terminal, get instant insight into token sales and issuance. Make informed decisions and optimize your event based on up-to-date data.

02 Offline capabilities

No internet? No problem!

Even without an Internet connection, the token registration system continues to function, ensuring reliable and uninterrupted token registration at your event.

03 Efficient inventory management

Efficient inventory management by location

Staff no longer need to read whether a transaction is successful. Show successful transactions by a colored ring around the POS and give away fewer products.

04 Flexibility

Different coin prices and payment options

Adjust coin prices by location and allow visitors to pay with coins as well as debit cards for a seamless and user-friendly experience.

05 Visitor analysis

Understand your visitors' favorite products

Find out which products and services are most in demand by your visitors so you can tailor your offerings to your audience's needs and increase overall satisfaction.

06 Financial reporting

Easy and fast financial processing

Save time and effort tracking coin sales and revenue. Our system provides a clear overview, allowing you to financially close your event quickly and efficiently.

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Increase margins

Save time and increase profits. Efficient inventory management and fraud prevention make the investment more than worthwhile.

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24/7 support

Events are there day in, day out. Sjef support is available 24/7 and answers all your questions and challenges at any time of the day.

6410dd6b5953828f12c2a228 hybrid - Muntenregistratie

Hybrid payments

Let visitors choose whether to pay with coins or debit cards at the bar. The perfect solution for VIP or backstage, for example.

641ad906a68930f28078b94e live in 24hrs - Muntenregistratie

Live in 24 hours

Start quickly? Within 24 hours, we can have everything set up and you can start receiving payments.

Increase the efficiency of your coin sales

The system supports various types of tokens and is suitable for festivals and venues of all sizes, making token registration widely applicable.

  • Save time in handling payments and counting coins through fast and efficient coin redemption.
  • Let the system do its job, distinguish directly between deposit tokens, cups, cans and bottles.
  • Provide an experience where your visitors don't have to adapt.
Start coin sales
Muntregistratie voor festivals en events consumptiemunten - Muntenregistratie

The Sjef Token package

Coin Sale
Annual Monthly

Pin turnover

2%/ of pin sales.

Includes software on 5 devices.

  • Free use of the Sjef platform
  • Access up to 5 devices
  • 24/7 support
Contact sales

Event pricing

€40 / package deal

No fixed fees, pay per payment.

  • Free use of the Sjef platform
  • Free pin terminal
  • 24/7 support
Contact sales


What are the benefits of coin registration at my event?

Coin registration provides real-time insight into coins sold and spent, which helps optimize inventory management, deter fraud and make better decisions.

Is the Sjef Token Package suitable for all types of events?

Yes, the Sjef Token Package is suitable for all types of events, regardless of the size or nature of the event. Whether it is a small local event, a large festival, a business conference or a sporting event, the Sjef Token Package can be customized to meet the specific needs of any organization.

How quickly can I implement the system at my event?

The implementation process depends on the size of the event and can range from within 24 hours to several days. Contact Sjef to get an estimate of the implementation time for your event.

What happens if there is no Internet connection during the event?

If no Internet connection is available, the system cannot update in real time. However, the system stores all transactions and synchronizes them automatically as soon as an Internet connection is available again.

How does coin registration help reduce fraud at my event?

Coin registration makes it easier to identify and track suspicious activity, such as duplicating or returning coins and unauthorized use.

Can I integrate coin registration with my current sales system?

Yes, that's possible. We link your current sales system with the AMS1 token registration terminal, giving you real-time insight into your sold and spent tokens.

How does coin registration contribute to a better experience for visitors to my event?

Coin registration allows for faster and more efficient transactions, reducing wait times and giving visitors more time to enjoy the event.

Can I accept both coins and debit card payments at my event?

Yes, the Sjef Token Package offers the ability to accept both coins and debit card payments at your event. This offers more flexibility and convenience for both visitors and organizers.

What other payment solutions does Sjef offer?

Sjef offers a variety of payment solutions to meet the needs of different events. These include open-loop payments, closed-loop payments and hybrid payments. Want to learn more about these solutions? Click here.