Sell quickly & easily from any angle

Integrate every point of sale with one platform and drive sales to a new level.

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Turbo POS

Not a step too far with the unique Turbo POS

Lightning fast sales with a completely optimized event interface. Set up fraudproof Turbo POS and select, sell and process first orders within seconds.

  • Make 10% more sales per terminal
  • Designed & tested for extreme customer satisfaction
  • Keep reselling offline and avoid lost sales
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A cash register with a beer next to it

Mobile POS

Pay and process with full freedom of movement

At the next event, stop by the visitors favorite seat cushion with the Mobile Turbo POS. Pick up an order, deliver drinks and snacks and give staff space to optimize productivity.

  • Both fixed and portable Turbo ordering & payment systems
  • Uncompromising payment system for all payment methods
  • Better & faster than any other mobile POS
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QR Ordering

Give visitors the convenience of QR ordering

1 in 2 visitors report spending less because of long lines at the bar. Surprise them with QR ordering and employ staff for the real manual work. Deploy QR codes at your desired locations and receive orders in no time using the complete integration with bar and kitchen.

  • For lockers, bars, food courts and merchandise
  • Sell more with up-selling from your own dashboard
  • Automatically send an SMS when the order is ready
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Ordering columns

Let visitors take control with order kiosks

Door de volledige integratie van bestelzuilen met jouw bestel- en betaalsystemen, kunnen bezoekers met een paar tikken op het scherm hun bestellingen plaatsen. Verkort de wachttijden en verbeter de ervaring, perfect voor evenementen van elke omvang.

  • Used for lockers, bars, food courts and merchandise
  • Orders are sent directly to the bar or kitchen
  • Supports all common payment methods for seamless processing
Discover delivery columns
A woman touches the order column screen of lockers

Coin registration and deposit

Quick and accurate deposit processing

Sjef's ordering & payment platform ensures smooth coin registration and processing of incoming and outgoing deposits. Bar staff can work more efficiently and visitors do not have to wait for their deposits.

  • Fully traceable: from cans and bottles to cups and tokens
  • Easily comply with deposit laws
  • Offer visitors the opportunity to spend remaining credit in the online store
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Hardware for every situation

Start receiving payments within 24 hours. Apply for an account, select hardware and run independently.

Discover all hardware
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Turbo Mobile POS


Compact, durable and a mobile all-in-one Android device

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Turbo Mobile POS


All-in-1 Android device with printing capability.

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Turbo Mobile POS


Control all operations from one device.

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Digitaal kassasysteem, zelf service, gemakkelijk in gebruik.

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P400 plus

Premium design, many functions and extremely reliable,

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V400c PLUS

Standalone terminal including printing capability.

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Pocket-size and mobile, for personal shopping.

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Portable, excellent printing speed and many connections possible.

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Point of Sale 15 inch


Digital POS system, easy to use.


What are the benefits of a cloud-based system?

A cloud-based system is a flexible system that is available at all times on any device. You always have insight into what is happening in your business. All data is stored in a secure database.

Can I use my own hardware?

Choose which devices you want to use Sjef on. IOS, Android or Windows. Sjef can also be linked to a few types of receipt printers. You can find these in our hardware overview.

What are the charges for QR ordering?

Only when an order or account is paid for will a transaction fee be charged. The cost of payment is passed on to the visitor. This depends on the payment method (iDeal or Credit Card) used. If you want to bear the transaction costs yourself, you can let us set this up.

What are the upfront costs?

The initial cost for Sjef varies and depends on your specific needs. Sjef's office environment is designed to be as user-friendly as possible so that you can complete it yourself in combination with our online helpdesk. Should you still want to outsource this to us, this is possible for a fee. Furthermore, we can also provide on-site installation, for which a fee will be charged.

What payment methods are accepted?

This is entirely up to you. All the payment methods you want to accept can be enabled and disabled by yourself in your account.

We are a small event, is the system suitable for us?

Of course, smaller events use our system as well. You want to give your visitors the perfect experience, and in doing so, it doesn't matter if you're a small or large event.

What if the Internet connection goes down?

Of course, that would be very annoying but that chance is quite small. Fortunately, our system can also work offline! We will gladly explain all options to you during an on-site demonstration.

If we use coins, how will deposits be managed?

Sjef's system uses automatic recognition to accurately track and trace both incoming and outgoing coins, including at the deposit level such as cans, cups and bottles.