Fewer operations with more grip

Everything in one place, from suppliers, vendors and purchasing to traceable inventory management and organizing payments.

Management from start to finish.

Managing betterStart immediately
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A completely new way of organizing

One that is finally going to be used.

Other platforms

Manual operations.

Not being able to focus on building a business.

Overwhelmed with buttons and functions.

No more control over the systems.

No central links to all terminals.

Limited data processing.

Cumbersome product modifications.

Time spent optimizing product offerings.

Little visibility into inventory management.

Not being able to replenish supplies of important products on time.

Lack of understanding in coin and deposit management.

Insufficient control over coin turnover and deposit transactions.

The Sjef dashboard

Automatic operations.

Eliminate duplication and save time and money.

Real-time updates.

Quickly and accurately gain comprehensive data insights.

Balance in inventory management.

Unlock a better way to manage products.

User-friendly system.

Streamline the user experience and save with convenience, time and money.

Balance in inventory management.

Keep products in stock and visitors happy.

Efficient coin and deposit management.

Easily manage & track coin turnover and deposits.

We'll give you a picture of that.


Managing stocks

At a glance, everything you need to manage inventory. Prevent sell-outs and map waste (waste control). See shortages at the location level? That can be fully automated with purchasing rules.

Managing better
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Managing orders

Within seconds you place an order, completely in the form you want. Minimize the number of actions and create an overview.

Managing better
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Manage Vendors

All subcontractors in one place with transparent communication. Manage menus and items and calculate margins by vendor.

Managing better
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Managing transactions

Manage all transactions from one place, fully integrated.

Managing better
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Money Transactions

Understanding coins & deposits

Manage and track the flows of both incoming and outgoing coins at different levels - cans, cups, bottles and tokens.

Discover coin registration
Various POS screens behind the bar

Cashless payment that matches your visitor expectation.

Increase margins per visitor, avoid cash handling. Organize the event cashless, completely your way.

Open loop payments

Pinning at the bar

Allow visitors to use their credit or debit cards at checkout. Both contactless and NFC, as well as the regular method - a PIN.

Closed loop payments

Verified means of payment

Let visitors pay with a digital wallet, cash card or wristband. Easy to recharge and the remaining amount can be refunded by the visitor, so neat.

Hybrid payments

Complete freedom

Let visitors choose whether to pay with a bank card or a digital wallet. Combine open loop with closed loop payments.


What are the benefits of a cloud-based system?

A cloud-based system is a flexible system that is available at all times on any device. You always have insight into what is happening in your business. All data is stored in a secure database.

Can I use my own hardware?

Choose which devices you want to use Sjef on. IOS, Android or Windows. Sjef can also be linked to a few types of receipt printers. You can find these in our hardware overview.

What are the charges for QR ordering?

Only when an order or account is paid for will a transaction fee be charged. The cost of payment is passed on to the visitor. This depends on the payment method (iDeal or Credit Card) used. If you want to bear the transaction costs yourself, you can let us set this up.

What are the upfront costs?

The initial cost for Sjef varies and depends on your specific needs. Sjef's office environment is designed to be as user-friendly as possible so that you can complete it yourself in combination with our online helpdesk. Should you still want to outsource this to us, this is possible for a fee. Furthermore, we can also provide on-site installation, for which a fee will be charged.

What payment methods are accepted?

This is entirely up to you. All the payment methods you want to accept can be enabled and disabled by yourself in your account.

We are a small event, is the system suitable for us?

Of course, smaller events use our system as well. You want to give your visitors the perfect experience, and in doing so, it doesn't matter if you're a small or large event.

What if the Internet connection goes down?

Of course, that would be very annoying but that chance is quite small. Fortunately, our system can also work offline. We will gladly explain all options to you during an on-site demonstration.

If we use coins, how will deposits be managed?

Sjef's system uses automatic recognition to accurately track and trace both incoming and outgoing coins, including at the deposit level such as cans, cups and bottles.