Experience the convenience of QR ordering

Offer guests and visitors a seamless ordering experience with the ability to easily self-order and pay via their mobile device.

Reduce wait times and increase sales up to 30% with the ideal complement of QR orders for hospitality. Perfect for filling staff shortages with a seamless ordering experience on your POS system.

QR ordering request

It couldn't be simpler

With just one scan, your guests open the digital menu in your home style, place an order and complete payment with their favorite payment method. Super fast service and that's without an app!


Visitors simply scan the QR code with their own device.


In your house style, the visitor chooses from the assortment.


The order is completely settled digitally. Nice and efficient!

QR ordering for every catering establishment

Experience convenience and efficiency in any type of hospitality business, tailored to specific needs and increase ordering capacity without additional staff.


Easy ordering

Allow guests to place and adjust their order without waiting for service.


Changes in real-time

Change menu items and prices in real-time, convenient for last-minute changes.


Clear allergen information

Make it easy for guests to choose dishes that fit their dietary needs.


Optimize table rotation

Speed up service and increase table rotation for more sales.


Prevent food waste

Optimize portion sizes and forecast demand to minimize food waste.


More than just a main course

Encourage guests to add side dishes, wine or dessert to their order.


Get to know your guests

Get a better understanding of guest ordering patterns and preferences for improved future service.


More time for hospitality

Spend more time on personal interaction rather than order processing.


Tailor-made orders

Let guests personalize their order right from their smartphone.


Coffee with something sweet

Encourage guests to add a pastry or sandwich to their coffee order.


Dynamic price adjustments

Implement price changes at any time of day, perfect for daily specials.


Clear beverage cards

Offer guests a clear menu, even with an extensive assortment.


Minimize food waste

Gain insight into guest preferences and minimize food waste through accurate stock forecasting.


Allergen information

Provide clear allergen information to ensure guest safety.


Fewer lines, more dancing

Reduce lines at the bar and allow guests to spend more time on the dance floor.


Cashless payments

Increase security with completely cashless payments.


Seamless experience

Offer a seamless ordering and payment experience even on the busiest nights.


VIP treatment

Offer VIP tables the ability to order bottle service directly from their smartphones.


Understanding returning guests

Understand guests' beverage preferences and plan events based on real-time data.


Real-time menu adjustments

Adjust menus and prices in real time, such as during happy hour.


Super fast service

Reduce wait times to zero and serve more guests in less time.


Checkout directly

Enable guests to checkout right at the table, without waiting for the bill.


Encourage additional sales

Encourage guests to add extras such as snacks or special drinks to their order.


Detailed order overview

Get insight into popular drinks and peak times with comprehensive order data.


Speed at the counter

Minimize wait times and speed up service, allowing you to process more orders.


Customizable menu

Change your menu on-the-fly to accommodate changing supplies and daily specials.


Reduce food waste

Real-time insight into demand allows you to better manage inventory and reduce food waste.


Clear price and product information

Offer customers a clear overview of your offerings, including prices and product information, right on their smartphones.


Allergen information

Provide guests with clear allergen information for a safe and enjoyable dining experience.


Combination Deals

Encourage upselling by encouraging guests to add drinks, side dishes or desserts to their order.


Efficiency during events

Reduce wait times and improve visitor experience.


Completely cashless

Minimize the risk of theft or loss with completely cashless payments.


Mass orders

Easily handle large-scale orders during busy events.


Streamlined food and beverage options

Offer a clear menu, even for large-scale events.


Improve event planning

Collect valuable data to optimize future events.


Room Service 2.0

Make room service ordering easy and fast, right from their smartphone.


24/7 availability

Enable guests to order at any time of day, perfect for late night snacks or early breakfasts.


Streamline operations

Reduce administrative tasks and let staff focus on hospitality.


Personalized minibar

Let guests set up their minibar to their liking before arrival.


Information about allergens

Ensure transparency in food choices with clear information about allergens.


Less food waste

Customize room service menus based on guest preferences to reduce food waste.


Improve the guest experience

Use order data to understand preferences and improve the guest experience.

Fixed amount per month

Hidden fees, nobody likes that. That's why you pay a standard rate for QR ordering. Even if you process a lot of orders.

Live within 4 hours

Startup doesn't have to take long. In fact, within 4 hours, QR ordering from Shef is fully ready to use.

Cloud solution with quality hardware

QR ordering from Sjef is a cloud solution and therefore you can access your data and personal environment anytime and anywhere. Just on your own device.

Seamless Integration

Excellent integration with your POS system

Seamless integration with your preferred POS system ensures a smooth ordering and payment experience. All orders arrive directly in the right place, increasing efficiency.

  • Easily linked to your inventory management
  • Synchronize orders in real time
  • Can also be used with a Turbo and mobile POS
Full control POS system with qr ordering

Revenue growth

Tackle staff shortages and increase sales

In times of staff shortages, QR ordering offers a solution that increases efficiency and can increase sales by up to 30%. You serve more guests without additional staff.

  • Reduce pressure on staff
  • Choose personal serving or takeout
  • Generate up to 30% more sales
QR ordering for POS system in hospitality industry


Maintain full control of your business

With Sjef QR ordering, you maintain complete control over your operations. Customize menu items, deactivate products and manage your inventory, all within seconds.

  • Adjust menu items and prices in real time
  • Turn off products when they are temporarily unavailable
  • ¬†Maintain overview with detailed order details and preferences
QR ordering request
QR ordering hospitality industry
'Sjef.app is a platform that facilitates payments at major events and festivals. The company offers innovative checkout systems, lets visitors pay as they please and handles the logistics around the use of lockers'

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What is QR ordering?

QR ordering is an innovative method where customers scan a QR code with their smartphone to access a catering establishment's menu and place and pay for their order directly.

Is an app required to scan a QR code for ordering?

No, most smartphones have a built-in QR code scanner in the camera app. You simply open the camera, point at the QR code and follow the link that appears.

Is it safe to pay via QR ordering?

Yes, QR ordering uses secure payment gateways that offer the same (if not higher) security standards as traditional payment methods. Also, QR ordering from Sjef fully complies with privacy laws and regulations without sacrificing convenient insights.

Is QR ordering also deployable with other systems?

Absolutely, it can be linked to any POS system. In addition, guest orders can be sent directly to a kitchen display system or bar display system.

What happens after placing an order via QR?

After placing the order via QR, the order is sent directly to the kitchen or bar staff. The guest receives a confirmation and the order is prepared.

Can guests add special requests or allergy information to a QR order?

Yes, the Shef QR ordering system provides the ability to add comments or special requests to the order. This includes the ability to provide allergy information.

What are the benefits of QR ordering for catering establishments?

QR ordering increases efficiency, minimizes errors, speeds up service, improves the customer experience, and can even help increase sales through the ease of placing and paying for orders.